Diego is a computer engineer, professional Magic: The Gathering referee, and university professor who likes to spend afternoons hacking away at obscure CLIs.
Diego’s passion for math and fighting climate change took him to Paris for his Ph.D., where he worked on decentralized green energy market modeling and its associated dynamics. Game theory, the blockchain, and Python scripting are his jam. Now he’s back in the game to put his skills into practice and do cool stuff that matters.
Diego is a proud vegan and a retired World of Warcraft enthusiast. His hobbies include bouldering, reading sci-fi novels by Brandon Sanderson, and singing along to 90’s Shakira. He has a personal tradition of listening to the trashiest music available to build courage before any important test.

Fabián Torres wrote that description of me while I was working at Tryolabs and I think it is a great summary of who I am :)

I graduated in 2017 from Universidad de la República, Uruguay with a degree in Computer Engineering, specializing in computer networks and Internet Topologies. During that time I worked as a Teaching Assistant for both the Math and Computer Science departments.

In 2019 I obtained my Ph.D. from Télécom Paris, now Institut Polytechnique de Paris, where I investigated the role of local energy markets in balancing supply and demand in scenarios with high penetration of renewable energy resources. As part of my degree, I also investigated cooperative investment models as well as irrigation scheduling to optimize electricity tariffs.

After my Ph.D., I moved to the industry, where I worked as an Optimization Engineer for Centrica Business Solutions and Lead Machine Learning Engineer for Tryolabs. During this time, my focus was on applying technology, and more specifically Machine Learning, to optimize processes and increase business value.

In 2022, I applied the aforementioned skills to research, when I moved to New Haven, CT for a Postdoctoral position at Yale University. Here I had the opportunity to work on problems as diverse as blockchain and DeFi (decentralized finance) to air quality monitoring and federated learning.