This is the place where I write everything!

The Start of A New Era

Of the time I decided to stop putting excuses and go for a climate job.

An opinionated & practical guide to veganism

Useful links and resources for beginners and experienced vegans alike

Top 5 Books Q2 - 22’

Five ideas from the best books I have read in the quarter.

RFC - Request for Compost

I got in touch with a local representative and requested a public compost 😱

Top 5 Books Q1 - 22’

5 quotes from 5 books I have read in the first quarter of 2022.

Takeaways from MLConf 22’

This is a biased summary of MLconf, a flagship conference in the application of AI that took place in New York.

Setup VSCode for Python & Docker. Part I

In the first part of this series, I will show how to set up VSCode for python development inside a docker container.

Recommended Books

Five books that I would recommend checking out

My Ecological Footprint

I calculated my carbon footprint and being vegan was not enough!